The Gift That Keeps on Zipping

Posted by: Forever Florida on 03 Dec, 2018

The heart-pounding free-fall plunge; the thrill of the zip: once you’ve experienced Forever Florida’s zip line adventures, you’ll want to come back again and again. What better excuse can you have to come enjoy our nature preserve and zip line park than Christmas? Spread the fun with gifts of zip line reservations for your friends and loved ones this year. Why give ordinary gifts when you can organize a trip to our zip line wonderland? Choose from several exciting packages, or give them all.

Peregrine Plunge

Climb to 78 feet with your gift recipient, stop and soak in the bird’s-eye view of our nature conservancy, then hook up for hair-raising fun. The Peregrine Plunge will set you both on a steep, 1,300-foot free fall experience at the same time. At a rapid, 30 mph clip, you can repeatedly race each other to the finish line.

Panther Pounce

If you prefer a 78-foot drop without the competition, you and your partner can go single-file on the Panther Pounce. This 7-story plunge will put you and your friend’s ole’ ticker to the test as you safely fall through the air until you eventually glide to a soft landing on the ground.

Zipline Roller Coaster

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you crossed a roller coaster with a zip line? Wonder no more! Forever Florida developed the first and only zipline roller coaster in the country. This unique ride delivers all the downward, gut-wrenching power of a zip line combined with the lateral swing, inclines, twists, turns and g-force you love about roller coasters. It’s an experience your gift recipients will love so much, they’ll be stuffing your stocking with it next year.

7-Zip Adventure

How about taking a trip on a zip line highway? Reserve your holiday spots on the 7-zip adventure and float from one platform to another and cross three sky bridges over the treetops. What a great way to look down upon the unspoiled natural Central Florida scenery. As we’re a nature preserve with extra benefits, you might even spot a few year-round Forever Florida residents going about their normal animal duties below.

Night Zips

Don’t let the shorter days of winter sink your friends and family into a holiday funk. Take full advantage of the early darkness together on one of our two exceptional night zip plans:

Night Flight

Your group will have a starlit blast on the 7-zip tour after dark. As you pass through the murky night under the stars and the moon (if you time your trip right), you can catch a glimpse of the nocturnal wildlife foraging and hunting. These rarely seen creatures won’t mind as you traverse their habitat up over their heads.

Extreme Outdoor Overnight Adventure

For extended evening fun, your group will thank you for the opportunity to spend the night zipping and camping at Forever Florida. First, you’ll enjoy a pulled pork sandwich supper. Then off to a Trail Buggy ride you go. On the Sunset Trail Buggy trip, you’ll see our herds of endangered Spanish Colonial horses and cattle and get a ground-level view of the nocturnally-active wild animals. Next, you’ll take the 7-zip tour, flying like owls through the air. By the time you land, you should be ready to crawl into your sleeping bag or cabin bunk. Bring tents, and we’ll set you up at our remote campsite. Or, if you prefer, we’ll escort you to your cabin for a good night’s rest. In the morning, meet us again at the Visitor’s Center to enjoy a continental breakfast. Afterwards, we’ll whisk you off to either the Rattlesnake Roller Coaster or a horseback riding trip through the daytime wilderness.


No matter which adventure tour you select to surprise and delight the people on your Christmas list — whether it’s zip lines, camping trips, nature trails or learning how to tend cattle and horses on our active ranch — you’ll have the holiday of a lifetime. Because each package requires a minimum of two people, you have the perfect excuse to include your own fun in the present you give away. Call to learn more about all of your Forever Florida options and reserve your spots today.