Things To Do In Florida: Zipline Roller Coaster, Sunsets for Seniors, Conservation and Wildlife, and Cracker Cattle at Forever Florida!  

Posted by: Forever Florida on 17 Apr, 2019

Are you a thrill seeker awaiting your next adventure? Do you happen to be the competitive type that likes to race your friends? Maybe you ‘re retired and enjoy new activities and experiences with your family for Sunday Funday. How about conserving Florida’s wetland ecosystems and wilderness? Sound like more of your speed? Then, Forever Florida could be your all-in-one solution to fun outdoor events in Central Florida! 

Something for Everyone

It doesn’t matter what your idea of fun is, Forever Florida has something for all ages. Seniors can enjoy sunset trail buggy tours throughout the week with family, grandchildren, and loved ones. For children, all adventure-seekers must be 10 or older to participate in Zipline and Horseback tours, but children under the age of 10 can still participate in trail buggy tours and camping. Hang with us and experience zip lining, horseback riding, overnight extreme adventures, and camping nights.

Camp Illahaw is also around the corner! The open house is May 4th, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can meet with camp directors, staff, previous campers, check out the dorms, and walk the grounds. Parents, bring the whole family along to see all the week-long activities, like kayaking, arts, and crafts, archery, dance, and drama at Camp Illahaw this summer!

The Eco-Warrior

The Brussards founded the Allen Broussard Conservancy as a tribute to their son who passed at the age of 29. Since 1990, William and Margaret have owned the conservation area known as Forever Florida. Every day they strive to preserve the natural wildlife. Currently, the grounds remain as a safe habitat for rare, native, and beautiful endangered birds, trees, and other animals. 

At Forever Florida, we’re looking for those who wish to develop and support environmental education programs and camps > The goal is to educate and inform the public, and Friends of Forever Florida takes pride in being able to do so every day. Protecting herds of horses and cattle is also an important mission here at Forever Florida, and we’re counting on the community to help us achieve it. Can’t make it out to our grounds, you can also make a difference by donating money that goes towards helping protect Florida’s native lands. 

The Active Adventurist

We’re not giving you average ziplines adventures here at Florida Florida, we’re taking it to the extreme here! Imagine soaring 85 feet above the ground, with 2G’s whipping against your body as you thread the treeline – yeah, that fast! Welcome to the only zip line adventure like this in the nation! Considering the typically pleasant Florida weather here in the Sunshine state year round, you can get your fix of adrenaline in no matter what season it is. Race with your friends on the Peregrine Plunge or take a dip on the Pouncer Path.

Want to be in the outdoors but not be too extreme? Don’t want to break a sweat on your first date? Impress them with an evening of horseback riding and strolling around the grounds. Be sure to stop by our restaurant, Charolais Cafe & Grill to enjoy ground beef burgers and beers after your adventure. 

The Bucket-Lister

Are you someone who always wants to try something new? Does exploring wildlife lands and animals get you excited? You’d be surprised to know you could get a lot of items crossed off your buck-list here at Forever Florida. Cracker Horses and Cattle roam our land, so you’ll have a chance to witness Florida history that dates back to Ponce De Leon. If that’s not enough, you can explore over 130 thousand types of native tree species in our grounds.

If overcoming your fear of heights is higher up on your list, then maybe conquering that fear with a friend might ease your mind. Enjoy safe and unparalleled quality zip lines on Peregrine Pounce and take in the breathtaking views… a whole 1,300 feet down of breathtaking views. The best part is, you and a friend could race to the finish line together. Looking to help someone else cross off something a bucket list item? We offer gift cards on our website so you can give the gift of adrenaline to your friends and family all year round!

The Always Ready Retiree

Forever Florida hasn’t forgotten about those retirees who are ready to have a great time with friends, family, and grandchildren. You can spend the day on a Trail Buggy tour, sit back and relax as you explore the jungles of Florida, and learn about its incredible wildlife. Our restaurant is the perfect place to cool off and enjoy grass-fed burgers and beverages after your tour or adventure. Forever Florida is the ideal outdoor getaway for the always ready retiree, their grandkids and families, independent seniors, and assisted living groups looking for an opportunity to soak in the Florida sun! 

The Fun-Seeking Family Groups

Finding activities that offer something for everyone is often one of the biggest hurdles families face when planning for a family vacation. And sometimes, spending a fortune at Disney isn’t. going to work for your wallet. Any family who has tried to entertain a nine-year-old, keep an adolescent entertained, all while engaging their high-schooler who is too old to do the “little kid stuff,” understands the daunting challenge this can be while trying to stay on a budget.

For the fun-seeking family, Forever Florida is bound to keep everyone happy all day and night. Night ziplining is a thing here at Forever Florida, and it’s bound to give your family a new sense of bonding! Join us for an Extreme Outdoor Overnight Adventure and enjoy a night under the stars.

Camping is also available for the entire family. Rent a cabin or rough it like a cowboy for our remote camping experience. Planning a family reunion group or company retreat? Try a bunkhouse for the whole team at Forever Florida. Bunkhouses can accommodate 30 guests and are climate controlled year round. School field trips and educational trips are also welcome anytime at Forever Florida. 

Find Something Different at Forever Florida

Forever Florida’s commitment and dedication to preserving nature and the natural Florida landscape is what makes us unique from any other park or campground in the state. With the combination of typically year-round good weather, various ongoing events and activities, and the power the conserve Florida’s nature, Forever Florida is the ideal Florida destination for any traveler visiting the sunshine state! 

We didn’t forget about our Florida residents either! We have weekly specials for our local Saint Cloud and Central Florida residents. Follow Forever Florida on Instagram and Facebook to check out weekly events and specials. Don’t forget, Enrollment for Camp Illahaw is also open now for kids between the age of nine and 15 for summer.

Join us for our grand re-opening Saturday, April 27th. You’ll have the chance to win a FREE week of Base Camp at Forever Florida this summer, a Horseback Camping Adventure, or an Extreme Overnight Adventure! If you crave excitement and want to find someplace fun for the entire family or your next date night, then Forever Florida needs to be on your short-list of things to do this year!