What It Takes to Become a Zipline Guide  

Posted by: Forever Florida on 04 Jun, 2019

It’s natural for first-time zipliners to be a little nervous. However, ziplining is actually quite safe, partially due to the skills of the guides. The guides at our Central Florida adventure park all undergo extensive training before they can begin guiding on our zip line roller coaster. Not only are our guides highly trained experts, but we also emphasize the importance of friendly customer service to ensure that every one of our visitors has a great time.

Rigorous Training

Zipline guides usually start out as enthusiasts who simply fall in love with this exhilarating activity. To turn their passion into their profession, they must undergo extensive training. Obviously, our zip line guides get a great deal of training in ziplining. However, our guides are also trained in first aid, including CPR. Safety is a priority at our Central Florida adventure park, and we want to be able to help our guests in every situation. After our guides complete their training, they are assigned to shadow expert guides on all of our ziplines.

Shadowing Expert Guides

The next step of the training process for our zip line guides is to shadow the expert guides here at Forever Florida. The expert guides will show the trainees the nuances of operating the equipment for maximum efficiency and speed. Perhaps more importantly, shadowing expert guides will allow our guides-in-training to see how to interact with the guests in the warmest and friendliest way possible. The importance of having fun while working as a zipline guide cannot be overstated, because this creates a fun environment for the guests, as well. Making them feel safe, comfortable, and wanting to come back should be a zipline guide’s number one priority.

Working As An Assistant Guide

The last step in the training process is working as an assistant guide. This allows our trainee guides to get work experience under the direct supervision of our expert guides. This is probably the most important part of the training process. The assistant guiding process lasts longer than any other part of the training. It can last more than two weeks in total. When one of our assistant guides completes their apprenticeship, they are awarded senior guide status. This allows them to work unsupervised, and to train assistant guides. Only those that are truly knowledgeable and passionate about ziplining will make it all the way to senior guide status.

Impressive People Skills

As previously mentioned, people skills are nearly as important for our guides as their knowledge of ziplining. Having a friendly and helpful personality helps us give our guests the experience of a lifetime. We always strive to provide the highest level of customer service. This is one of the things that separate us from other adventure parks in Central Florida.

Beyond Zipline Roller Coasters

Forever Florida may be best-known for its zipline roller coaster, but we are also an acclaimed wildlife conservation area. We offer some of the finest nature tours in Central Florida. Nature lovers and thrill-seekers can both have the vacation of a lifetime at Forever Florida.

For those looking to work in an environment where fun and work collide, contact Forever Florida at (407)-957-9794  today to ask about our zip line guide roles! 

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