Your Florida Staycation Adventure Awaits

Posted by: Forever Florida on 13 Jul, 2018

As a Floridian, surely you’ve spent plenty of time at the beach. Have you yearned to get above it all on your next vacation rather than head for the beach — again — but would prefer to remain close to home? Then, it’s time to explore the natural wonders of the Florida interior at Forever Florida’s adventure park and nature preserve.

At Forever Florida, we have many possible exploits waiting for you. Here, you can see nature from up high or up close and personal when you choose any number of exciting activities. Here’s a sampling:

Zip Over the Treetops

Forget the boring old beach and come to see your state from new heights. From our 78-foot towers, you start high above the trees. Once you jump, you’ll never forget the adrenaline rush as you shoot over the tops and through the trees then over the pristine Florida plain. Which of these zipline thrills has your name written all over it?

Zipline Roller Coaster

This ride actually rolls you over a track rather than a cable. That way, you can experience the dramatic ups and downs of a roller coaster ride over a lengthy 1,000 feet. Trust us, you’ve never zipped like this before!

Peregrine Plunge

On this steep, 1,300-foot line, you slide side by side with a friend for double the screams. At 30 mph, you better be ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Zip Adventure

If a one-line zip only stokes your appetite, take this tour. You’ll spend two and a half hours zipping on seven lines from a network of towers and sky bridges. But you’re not done yet. Rest up during a 45-minute bus ride to the perimeter of our nature preserve. Here, you’ll be admitted to the gator park for a 30-minute airboat tour and up-close gator encounter (safely, of course!).

Night Flight

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sail over nature at night? Daytime holds plenty of interest, but different creatures come out only after the sun goes down.

Florida by Horseback

Who doesn’t love the romantic idea of traveling overland on horseback? You can take a nice leisurely ride along our nature trail, or take horsemanship to a whole new level….

Be a Cowboy for a Day

Did you know that Florida supported a healthy cattle ranching industry back in colonial times? You can immerse yourself in the past and see what it was like. You don’t have to travel all the way to Colorado to feel like a real cowboy. We still operate a working ranch here, and we love to make you and your horse work. Since every day brings new chores, you’ll get to perform a variety of genuine tasks just as our professional ranch hands do. When you sit down to a delicious burger in our Charolais Cafe, you can say, “I helped make that!”

Or Wrangle the Herd

If your family has younger cowpokes, you may want to take it a bit easier. You can learn to herd cattle during our two-hour lesson and cattle drive. You’ll move those dogies from one pasture to another and learn what it takes to keep a herd all moving in one direction.

Camping How You Like It

With all the great things to do and see at Forever Florida, we know you’ll want to stay for a while. That’s why we offer many ways to camp. Spend a few nights to extend your adventure. Bring your whole clan and stay in a clean, modern bunkhouse; reserve your spots for our remote camp; stay in one of our air-conditioned cabins; trek to a real cowboy camp; and even sign up your kids for summer camp — a true outdoors program of fun and learning.

Safety First

Forever Florida loves to introduce you to the wilds of inland Florida, and we keep your security top of mind. All of our features are designed for maximum safety without impinging on the thrill of it all. You’re never far away from a well-trained, enthusiastic park employee to help you make the most of your staycation at our preserve.

Who needs to leave Florida to get above the trees and experience a wild adventure? Come, make lasting memories with us at Forever Florida.