Zip Line Adventures

Explore Wild Florida from New Heights

The 7-Zip Adventure is the biggest and safest zipline adventure in Florida. Your group will be absolutely thrilled as you soak in the amazing sights of natural Florida from a new perspective. Our Zipline Adventure photo crew will capture professional photos of your Forever Florida adventure that will be available for purchase.  Or, you can rent a GoPro from our photo center to capture the  entire experience yourself.

Rattlesnake Adventure Pack

Zip Line Roller Coaster

The only zip line roller coaster in the United States!

Launching from a 78-foot-high platform, riders will swing, swoop, jump, zip, and dip through the treetops at speeds up to 20 mph along a rigid zip-rail system. This cutting- edge experience represents the next generation of ziplining. The ride takes visitors squealing through the trees while enjoying 1,000 feet of thrilling adventure. Hold on tight, these dips are an adrenaline rush like no other!

Peregrine Plunge

Unparalleled Safety & Quality

Race your friends on the fastest and longest parallel ziplines in Florida. Plunging from 78 feet high you’ll soar at 30 miles per hour down 1,300 feet of extreme zipline! If you can take your eyes off the finish line, this thrilling adventure offers breathtaking views of the conservatory.

Panther Pounce

Put Your Thrills to the Test

Step off a 7-story platform into a thrilling – but safely controlled – free fall to the ground below. This 78-foot drop is unlike any other adventure in Florida, and was designed for serious thrill seekers. The 78-foot-high challenge tower beckons the brave of heart to test their nerves and free-fall to the ground below. All riders are safely secured to the control tower, which assists the rider to a safe landing. Beware, the panther pounce has been known to cause extreme adventure-seeking habits, and unforgettable thrills.


2 Hours

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Safety Requirements

Age restrictions: 10 & up | Weight restrictions: 55 – 265 lbs | Health: Must be in good health, no neck or back injuries, cannot be pregnant | 2 guest minimum for tour to operate.

Safety Requirements

Age restrictions: 10 & up | Weight restrictions: 55-265 lbs. | Health: Good health, free of back or neck injuries, cannot be pregnant |2 guest minimum for tour to operate | Dual Cables: Keeps riders straight forward position | 2 guides are present for the entire duration of the ride, connecting all riders safely | Attire: Closed toed shoes and long shorts or pants | Braking: Our system is set up for riders to slow and brake automatically as you glide into the platforms