• Price: $79.99
  • Duration: 2 hours ( allow 3 hours on site)
  • Age restrictions: 10 & up
  • Weight restrictions: 55–265 lbs.
  • Health: Good health, free of back or neck injuries, can not be pregnant.
  • Must be at least 2 people for tour to operate.

Call 407-957-9794 or toll free 1-866-85-4EVER.

  • Dual Cables: Safer and keeps you straight.
  • Guides: 2 guides are with you the entire time, doing all connecting.
  • Wear: Closed toed shoes and long shorts or pants.
  • Braking: You’ll slow and brake automatically as you glide into the platforms.

The Zipline Adventure is the biggest and safest zipline trail in Florida consisting of 7 “zips” and 3 sky-bridges.

Zipline Adventure Catwalk

See the wilds of Forever Florida like never before – from high up in the treetops! The Zipline Adventure will take you on a two and a half hour adventure like none other, reaching heights of 68 feet! Led by an expert guide, you’ll suit up and “zip” among the trees from platform to platform along a system of seven high-tension cables and two sky-bridges.

To record the fun, the Zipline Adventure photo crew will be capturing fun professional pics of your adventure! You can also rent a GoPro to capture your adventure!

Zipline Adventure Tower

Catch our Moonlight Zipline

For an even wilder adventure, experience one of our Starlight and Moonlight Zipline Adventures! Get all the thrills of the Zipline Safaris under a beautiful night sky full of stars. Many animals are most active at night giving you the chance to spot an entirely new set of Forever Florida’s residents.

Every Saturday Night!!

Moonlight Zipline Adventure